Are you Speaker, Trainer, Coach or Influencer?


Are you Speaker, Trainer, Coach or Influencer? Market Better & Generate Revenue

Have you ever been so glued to a speaker that, when he or she was finished, you were excited about speaking with him or her? 

Chances are it was because of his or her presence. 

Whether you’re presenting to an audience of ten or one hundred, it’s important to remember the traits and characteristics that will always help you influence your audience. 

So do you want to become a world-class influential speaker? 

Then to do so, you must develop the following 4 characteristics: 

Contemplation & Self-Awareness

To be a powerful speaker, you must first learn who you are as a speaker—and as a personality. 

What are your most effective interpersonal attributes? 

How do you relate and connect with your audience? 

What characteristics do you need to work on? 

The most compelling speakers are always working to improve their skills, whether that’s good storytelling or a knack for getting the audience to engage and also to work upon their flaws.


When you’re speaking or presenting in the public, confidence is the key. 

A hesitant or withdrawn performance will not capture or engage your audience, and it absolutely won’t motivate them. 

But again, for many of us the stress and anxiety while speaking in public is prevalent.

When you find yourself feeling anxious before a presentation, reflect on this: What you’re feeling is completely internal, and others can’t sense your fear and anxiety if you don’t let on.


Audiences get enticed for information, but they hold onto the presentation because of the stories. 

Storytelling is a skill that can help to produce a compelling presentation that excites and truly engages the people sitting in front of you. 

Others may not go through or think about what we think, but by telling them the story, they can feel what we feel.


You need to be open and vulnerable about your life, this will give your audience confidence and belief to listen with their hearts as well as their soul. 

There is a definite similarity between engagement in an organization and the progressed authenticity of its speaker. When you are genuine, more people will follow and listen to you.

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