Are you Speaker, Trainer, Coach or Influencer?


Are you Speaker, Trainer, Coach or Influencer? Market Better & Generate Revenue

Have you ever thought about presenting at a conference or event but didn’t know what to say in your speaker profile? As a public speaker, you need to have a User Profile or Speaker Profile on all the major speaking platforms. A speaker profile is a brief description of you that can be displayed on a website, resume, or any presentation dais. Your speaker profile is the first impression that audience members will have of you. 

Creating an effective speaker profile will help you get speaking engagements more often. It’s not enough to have the right qualifications as a speaker to be invited to a conference, meeting, or event. A good speaker profile on your website will help persuade a roomful of organizers and attendees that you are the right person for the job. But how to create a magical speaker profile?

Create an exceptional headline 

Your heading is what gets event organizers to check your profile. The title/ headline will appear in all the search lists with your photo, so make sure that it is perfect. Also, your headline talks directly to your audience and highlights your specialties. 

Highlight your expertise/ experience in the profile

A short bio is one of the most significant parts of your speaker profile because any organizer will directly read the description box after they’ve selected your profile. Make it strong, to the point, and peculiar.

Pick the right profile photo 

Most of the event organizers will not select a profile that is without a photo, so always attach a picture. Make sure that the photo you choose is of good quality with a simple or plain background. Also, the photo should be recent and needs to be updated with a time gap of at least two years.

Build your reliability with testimonials

Including recommendations from the people you’ve worked with will boost the client’s confidence that you can perform efficiently. Your testimonial should always clearly state the results or outcomes of the shows you did. It needs to be precise and from the right person of the company.

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